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Commission Final Actions

Commission Final Actions


On May 14, 1990 the Supreme Court eliminated a private reprimand as a possible sanction that could be imposed by the Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission. Prior to that date, the Commission issued private reprimands to three (3) separate judges.

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JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
Judge Brad KarrenJanuary 21, 2022Letter of Censure and Remedial Measures
Judge Don BourneAugust 1, 2022Letter of Censure and Recommendation of Suspension without Pay


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
Judge Barry Sims May 21, 2021Letter of Censure and Recommendation of Suspension
Judge Jerry RyanMarch 19, 2021Letter of Informal Adjustment
Judge Dale LipsmeyerMarch 19, 2021Letter of Informal Adjustment


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
Judge John ThroeschMay 1, 2020Removal From Office


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
Judge Wendall Griffen6/14/19Dismissal 
Judge Philip Smith2/22/19Letter of Reprimand


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
Chief Justice John Dan Kemp,Associate Justice Robin Wynne,Associate Justice Courtney Goodson,Associate Justice Jo Hart,Associate Justice Karen Baker,Associate Justice Rhonda Wood, Justice Shawn Womack11/21/2018Dismissed 
Judge David Carruth11/16/2018Letter of Admonishment
Judge Jim O’Hern11/16/2018Letter of Admonishment
Justice Shawn Womack10/04/2018Formal Statement of Charges
Chief Justice John Dan Kemp,Associate Justice Robin Wynne,Associate Justice Courtney Goodson,Associate Justice Jo Hart,Associate Justice Karen Baker,Associate Justice Rhonda Wood09/20/2018Formal Statement of Charges
Mary Spencer McGowan07/13/2018Letter of Censure
Wendell Griffen06/08/18Formal Statement Of Charges


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
William “Bill” Pearson 04/25/2017Letter of Admonishment 
Tom Hughes 03/28/2017Dismissal with Cautionary Instruction
Wade Naramore 03/03/2017Dismissal Notice
Timothy Parker01/03/2017Letter of Removal from Office


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition 
Mary McGowan11/18/2016Letter of Informal Adjustment
Attorney James L. Williams07/15/2016Letter of Informal Adjustment
O. Joseph Boeckmann05/09/2016Letter of Resignation


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
Former Judicial Candidate Attorney Jeanette Robertson03/20/2015Letter of Admonishment
George Van Hook, Jr.01/15/2015Letter of Censure


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition 
Doug Martin11/21/14Letter of Censure
Don Bourne09/19/2014Letter of Informal Adjustment 
Michael A. Maggio09/11/2014Per Curiam For Supreme Court of Arkansas
Michael A. Maggio08/06/2014Letter of Suspension and Removal from Office
Keith Blackman03/21/2014Letter of Informal Admonishment


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
Philip G. Smith11/15/2013Letter of Informal Adjustment
Annie Powell Hendricks09/20/2013Letter of Informal Adjustment
Gerald Kent Crow05/17/2013Letter of Reprimand and Letter of Censure 
Robert Batton05/17/2013Letter of Reprimand


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition 
Ken Harper10/25/2012Letter of Resignation 
Sam Pope10/04/2012Order of Suspension 
Larry Hayes09/26/2012Letter of Retirement
Ken Harper09/20/2012Formal Statement of Charges
Sam Pope09/07/2012Letter of Suspension without Pay
Brad Karren04/27/2012Letter of Reprimand
Edwin Keaton04/27/2012Letter of Censure


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition 
Mary Ann Gunn11/18/2011Public Dismissal Letter
Kenneth Harper11/18/2011Letter of Public Reprimand and Letter of Censure 
L.T. Simes05/05/2011Letter of Reprimand 
Joseph Boeckmann03/18/2011Letter of Admonishment 
Stanley Ludwig01/14/2011Letter of Resignation


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition 
Mark Johnson03/19/2010Letter of Admonishment 
Barry Sims03/19/2010Letter of Admonishment 
Willard Proctor, Jr.01/25/2010Supreme Court Mandate to Remove


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition 
L.T. Simes11/05/2009Order of Suspension 
Jerry Patterson09/18/2009Dismissed without prejudice
Donald E. Warren, Sr.08/18/2009Letter of Resignation
Edwin Keaton01/16/2009Letter of Reprimand
Jim Gunter01/16/2009Letter of Reprimand


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
Donald Warren12/17/2008Formal Statement of Charges
L.T. Simes11/21/2008Formal Statement of Charges
Mary McGowan11/21/2008Letter of Reprimand
L.T. Simes11/21/2008Letter of Reprimand 
Phillip Smith07/18/2008Letter of Admonishment
Elizabeth Wise04/18/2008Letter of Admonishment 
Stanley Ludwig03/21/2008Letter of Reprimand


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition 
Thomas Brown01/10/2008Letter of Resignation
Norman Wilkinson02/16/2007Retirement from office during investigation


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
L.T. Simes05/24/2006Letter of Admonition 
Jim Bob Steel05/24/2006Letter of Resignation and Agreement never to serve in the Arkansas Judiciary


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
Frank D. Davis, III06/09/2005Censure with Findings


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
Edwin J. Alford11/19/2004Letter of Admonishment 
Fred D. Davis, III.07/13/2004Suspension from office with pay
L. T. Simes10/15/2004Informal Adjustment
William Watt 08/11/2004Modification of Resignation June 18, 1996 agreement 
J. Finch05/24/2004Letter of Admonishment


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
W. Q. Hall11/18/2003Letter of Resignation and Agreement to never serve in the Arkansas Judiciary 
Rodney P. Owens01/09/2003Letter of Resignation and Agreement to never serve in the Arkansas Judiciary


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition 
Wendell L. Griffen11/20/2002Letter of Admonishment Withdrawn
Phil Shoffner11/19/2002Letter of Admonishment
Russell “Jack” Roberts11/18/2002Informal Adjustment
Stephen P. Sawyer09/20/2002Letter of Admonition
Sam Whitfield09/20/2002Letter of Resignation and Agreement to Never Serve in the Arkansas Judiciary


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
Stephen D. Lawrence12/20/2001Letter of Resignation & Agreement to Never Serve in the Arkansas Judiciary 
Rodney Owens12/20/2001Voluntary Suspension Pending Dispassion of Criminal Charges
William P. Rainey09/24/2001Letter of Admonition
Robert Batton09/24/2001Letter of Admonition
Roy Thomas08/08/2001Letter of Resignation and Agreement to Never Serve in the Arkansas Judiciary
John E. Jennings02/08/2001Letter of Admonishment
Fred D. Davis02/08/2001Letter of Admonishment
Bill Ross02/08/2001Letter of Final Action & Memorandum of Understanding


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition 
Fred D. Davis III1/21/2000Letter of Admonishment and Mandatory Counseling
Gary Isbell01/21/2000Informal Resolution 
Judith Rogers03/22/2000Early Retirement
Morris Thompson05/10/2000Removed from Office
Donald Huffman07/22/2000Letter of Admonishment
Sam Whitfield07/22/2000Letter of Admonishment
Berlin Jones09/22/2000Reprimand-Final Decision and Order


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
Tom J. Keith01/15/1999Letter of Admonition
W. Q. Hall03/12/1999Letter of Admonition
Steve Inboden03/12/1999Letter of Admonition
Lee Munson09/17/1999Letter of Admonition
W.Q. Hall11/19/1999Letter of Admonition
John Norman Harkey11/19/1999Informal Resolution 
Jim Bob Steel11/19/1999Letter of Reprimand, Final Decision and Order
Morris Thompson12/16/1999Recommendation- Removal from Office


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
Jack Lewis07/17/1998Letter of Admonition
Gayle Ford09/18/1998Informal Adjustment 
Edwin Keaton09/18/1998Letter of Admonition
Benny Swindell11/11/1998Retirement from Office during Investigation
William McKimm 11/20/1998Censure


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
Olly Neal01/17/1997Letter of Admonition
Jerry Patterson01/17/1997Letter of Admonition
Fred D. Davis., III04/23/1997Reprimand
Durwood King05/21/1997Reprimand
William McKimm05/21/1997Informal Adjustment
Stephen E. Morley08/07/1997Resignation from Office prior to Formal Disciplinary Hearing
Stephen Choate09/19/1997Letter of Admonition
Fred Davis, III09/19/1997Letter of Admonition
Scott Adams09/19/1997Letter of Admonition
Larry Hayes09/19/1997Letter of Admonition


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
Thomas Brown01/19/1996Letter of Admonition
William W. Watt06/17/1996Resignation from Office During Investigation
Russell Rogers11/15/1996Letter of Admonition
Stephen S. Thomas11/15/1996Suspension Without Pay for Six (6) Months


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
Scott Adams01/20/1995Letter of Admonition
Max Harrison01/20/1995Letter of Admonition 
Les Evitts05/19/1995Letter of Admonition 
David Reynolds05/19/1995Letter of Admonition
Fred D. Davis III 09/15/1995Letter of Admonition
Roy Thomas11/17/1995Letter of Admonition
Stephen S. Thomas12/18/1995Suspension with Pay


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition 
Charles Plunkett03/15/1994Retirement from Office during Investigation
Van Taylor07/18/1994Letter of Admonition
John Plegge09/20/1994Informal Adjustment


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition 
Marcia Brinton01/21/1993Informal Adjustment
David Hale10/22/1993Resignation from Office during Investigation
Jack Lewis11/23/1993Letter of Admonition


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition 
Joel C. Cole09/14/1992Censure
Bill Watt11/24/1992Letter of Admonition
Ray Hodnett11/24/1992Letter of Admonition


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
Scott Adams02/20/1991Letter of Admonition
Ted Capeheart05/20/1991Letter of Admonition
Lee Munson06/25/1991Letter of Admonition 


JudgeDisposition DateDisposition
Williams P. Switzer02/12/1990Suspension from Office with Pay
Terry P. Diggs04/18/1990Letter of Resignation
Paul H. Jackson05/07/1990Suspension from Office with Pay
Van B. Taylor07/24/1990Letter of Admonition
Tom Keith07/24/1990Letter of Admonition
Paul H. Jackson11/13/1990Letter of Resignation
Francis Donovan11/16/1990Letter of Admonition
Francis T. Donovan11/16/1990Letter of Admonishment Withdrawn

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