Judicial Discipline & Disability Commission

Membership & Staff

Membership & Staff

The Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission is comprised of nine members who are residents of Arkansas. The three judicial members are appointed by the Supreme Court. The three lawyer members are licensed to practice in Arkansas and are appointed, one by the Attorney General, one by the President of the Senate, and one by the Speaker of the House. The three public members, who are neither lawyers nor judges, are appointed by the Governor. Alternate members are also selected for each member. With the exception of the initial appointees, each member and alternate serves a six-year term and is eligible for reappointment to a second full term.

The Commission appoints an attorney to serve as Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible for hiring and supervising the staff and any special assistants, carrying out the Commission’s directions and policies, and acting as Chief Administrator.

The Agency employs six (6) full-time employees:

Emily Abbott, JD., Executive Director
VACANT., Deputy Executive Director
Elanore L. Davis MBA, MPA, Fiscal Manager
VACANT, Investigator

Kolbie Tollett, JD., Legal Assistant/Paralegal
Tabria M. Marks, BA Legal/Administrative Secretary

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